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10 Places to Visit in Cameron Highlands

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

December school holidays! Where to go where the weather is cool, but is not too far away? Cameron Highlands, Malaysia!


The journey from Singapore took about 6 to 7 hours.

We travelled in a 16-seater van from Saidina As Siddiq Travel and Tours, or SAS Travel and Tour. The vehicle looks new and well maintained, and our driver is friendly and helpful.

Visit SASTravelTour Facebook Page.


There are many hotels and resorts at Cameron Highlands. We stayed at Strawberry Park Resort. It is a lovely, cozy place, with 2 to 4 bedroom apartments. Our apartment's balcony had a beautiful view of the hills, and the sunrise every morning!

Facilities include an indoor swimming pool where we enjoyed a dip in the pool on a cold rainy day!

Visit Strawberry Park Resort Facebook Page.


1. Lata Iskandar Waterfall.

On the way up to Cameron Highlands, make a pit stop at Lata Iskandar Waterfall.

It is located along the trunk road from Tapah to Cameron Highlands. You can swim there! And it has a beautiful backdrop for photos and selfies! Along the road side, you can also find shops selling local fruits and souvenirs.

Address: Exit 59, 35000 Tapah, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

2. Cameron Adventurous ATV & Safari

You can ride ATVs and navigate your way up the hills of the tea plantation, in a narrow and winding path. A thrilling and adventurous experience! If you are not that adventurous, you can hop on the safari tour and a skilled driver will bring you up. At the top, you will be treated to an awesome view!

Visit Cameron Adventurous Facebook Page.

3. Cameron Lavender

This place is like a garden with many pretty flowers, with the main attraction being the lavender field. There are plenty of photo opportunities here! There is also a cafe overlooking the beautiful view. Along the way out of the garden, there are many shops selling souvenirs and local food snacks.

MUST-TRY: Lavender ice-cream!

Photos of the pretty flowers in the garden.

Visit Cameron Lavender Facebook Page!

4. Healthy Strawberry Farm

There are a few strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. We checked out Healthy Strawberry Farm. You can pick your own strawberries, and eat them fresh! You can also purchase toppings like chocolate and ice-cream to eat the strawberries with.

Visit Healthy Strawberry Farm Facebook Page.

5. BOH Tea Centre

There are a few tea plantations in Cameron. The BOH Tea plantation is one of Cameron's favourite tourist attractions! The Hilltop Cafe is situated right at the edge of one of the hills, overlooking the vast plantation. The tea processing factory is open to public, and there is a shop selling the finest tea from the biggest tea producer in Malaysia.

Visit BOH Tea Centre Facebook Page.

6. Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is a live insect gallery, with free flying butterflies as the main feature. There area many other insects on display, and they also have a tortoise pen, scorpion pond, reptile exhibit and small petting zoo.

Address: MDCH 3, Batu 43, Green Cow, 39100 Kea Farm, Pahang, Malaysia

7. Time Tunnel

The local museum, Time Tunnel, has a collection of memorabilia dating from many years ago. The vintage items are put together in this very "old school" showroom. It is interesting to visit, especially for the older generation as they can relive those memories. The younger generation would just be happy to take the real #throwback photos!

Visit Time Tunnel Facebook Page.

8. Golden Hills Pasar Malam (Night Market)

The long stretch of stalls sells just about everything you need to buy from Cameron Highlands! From clothes, toys, souvenirs, to food and drinks. They also sell the Cameron Highlands Tea for cheaper than at the supermarkets and shops.

Address: Jalan Sungai Ruil, Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia

9. Mossy Forest

"The mossy forest is a natural environment that grows only at the highest elevations of Cameron Highlands and other mountain ranges across Malaysia. At such heights, low-level clouds in the sky driven by winds, blanket the forests with constant mist and moisture - creating an ideal biotope for moss, ferns, lichen and orchids.

This moist tropical evergreen forest is also a rich repository for a varied set of montane creatures, encompassing insects, snakes, frogs, birds and mammals unique to this chilly atmosphere. Visitors can explore the mossy forest through a boardwalk 2km before the peak of Gunung Brinchang, beginning from a clearing along the main road."

Visit Mossy Forest Facebook Page.

10. MARDI Agrotech Park

"MARDI Agrotechnology Park is an agricultural research station at Tanah Rata, open to public and managed by a government institute for such developments. Within the 42-hectare expanse of the park, visitors can explore various flower gardens, crop houses, plant nurseries, farmlands and even a small tea plantation with factory.

There is also a small hotel in the form of an English cottage, providing boutique accommodation with meeting facilities. To get to the park, take the slip road at right behind the bus station at town, then follow it until the signboard to MARDI appears at left."

Visit MARDI Agrotech Park Facebook Page.

In the 4D3N we were there, we managed to go to 8 out of 10 of these places.

We planned to try hike up the Mossy Forest to see one of the most scenic views in Cameron Highlands at the top. Unfortunately, it was raining, and we were not allowed to enter because the ground may be slippery and dangerous.

We did not have enough time to explore the MARDI Agrotech Park to see the beautiful landscape against the unique architecture.

Well, maybe next time!


Watch our video of our 4D3N stay at Cameron Highlands.

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